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Safety Requirements

1. No mower decks attached to tractor during pull. No duel tires or chains allowed.

2. A non-tip over device is required to prevent tractor turn over. Tractors must have two devices, (either skin plates or dollie wheels) one on each side of the draw bar. The non-tip device shall not interfere with the sled chain when hooked to sled. No exceptions will be allowed.

3. All tractors must have a working kill switch attached to the rear of tractor. The kill switch must kill pump and ignition. Kill switch must be easily accessible.

4. All tractors should have a fire extinguisher.

5. All tractors must have a secured stock seat or 3 inch back on aftermarket seat. No seat shall extend beyond rear tires. Driver must remain in seat during pull.

6. All tractors must have one or more working brakes.

7. All tractors must have a shield covering the clutch 360 degrees. All tractors must have a deflection shield on the starter side of the tractor, 3 inches above the center line of the crankshaft and run entire length of the motor. The shield must be made of steel or aluminum. Shield must be no less than .060" steel or .090" aluminum.

8. Tractors must be in neutral or park when hooking to or unhooking from sled.

9. All tractors are to have a deadman's throttle (carb. spring treturn assembly). It is recommedned to have a fuel shut-off valve installed on all tractors.

10. Drivers are required to wear long pants or shorts, shirt and shoes druing the pull. No open toe shoes will be allowed.

11. It is recommended to wear a helmet during the pull, but is not required at this time.

12. Drivers will operate their tractor at such a speed to be in control at all times, excessive speed or recklessness will be grounds for disqualification.

13. All individuals are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.

14. All tractors will be availbe for inspection upon officials request.

Association Fees and Pay Back

Association Fees:
Driver $ 5
Tractor $ 10
Total $ 15

Hook Fees:
$ 10 per hook

A) 1 point to hook
B) Placing points
1st-10pts, 2nd-9pts, 3rd-8pts, 4th-7pts, 5th-6pts, 6th-5pts, 7th-4pts, 8th-3pts, 9th-2pts, 10th-1pt.

Points go to tractor, and registered driver.
Prize money will be paid back if time permits. If there is not enough time, money will be paid out at next pull, or mailed within 2 weeks of pull.
There will be a 90% payback:
10% maintenance.
No one is allowed to use the sled, but at CMGTPA events.

Protest Policy

1. Protest must be made before next class begins.

2. Protester must notify flagman of violation immediately.

3. Protester must put up a $ 20 fee to check bore and stroke at time of protest. The protester must be from the same class as puller.

4. For a bore and stroke protest, the tractor will be allowed to cool off and the owner will be allowed to remove the head and cover the valves and head in private (except stock altered, which must show valves). The bore and/or stroke will be measured with CMGTPA tools by the officials.

5. No money is required for all other protest, but good cause is.

6. For a weight protest, the protested tractor will be weighed on the CMGTPA scales by association officials. A 1% variance will be allowed.

7. For a fuel protest, a sample of the protested tractor fuel will be taken. The fuel will be tested in a CMGTPA hydrometer by officials.

8. If there is a protest about pull length amoung the first three places, these tractors will have a pull off. If puller refuses to rehook, they will loose that position.

9. Only the following people may be present at the protest:
a) Protester
b) Protested puller
c) Association officials and flagman

10. If tractor is found illegal, tractor and driver will be suspended from class for 30 days with loss of all accumulated points to that date. Second offense is a one year suspension. Protest fee will then be returned to protester.
11. If tractor is legal, protested puller gets the protest fee.

12. All decisions made by the officials will be final.